While Wharf Plaza I and Wharf Plaza II are separate properties, they share more than just a staff and an office.  They share the same visions, goals, and commitments for the future.

  • To provide quality, affordable apartments to eligible seniors, families, and people with disabilities.
  • To offer excellent customer service to all residents.
  • To maintain the property in a fashion that  complies with HUD requirements in a superior manner.
  • To make the residents and owners proud to be affiliated with the property.

Wharf Plaza I

Originally a 1920s warehouse, Wharf Plaza I was renovated in 1981 to create 116 distinct apartments. 

The Rehab transformed this concrete structure into an impressive home. The interior courtyard gives the illusion of a tropical garden, while the apartments offer light, air, and privacy. 

Views of Alcatraz, ten-foot ceilings, and a spacious design lend to these apartments some of the coveted qualities of loft apartments so popular in the SOMA district of San Francisco. 

Wharf Plaza II

Built in 1981, Wharf Plaza II consists of two buildings totaling 114 apartments. While Wharf Plaza I was originally designed with  seniors and people with disabilities in mind, Wharf Plaza II has an additional building (155 Francisco St.) consisting of 18 two-bedroom apartments. This allows Wharf Plaza II to accept eligible families as well.

Situated at the base of Telegraph Hill, Wharf Plaza II's main building (1855 Kearny St.) is a seven-story building made up of 58 studios, 37 one-bedrooms, and one on-site employee apartment. The Rental Office for both Wharf Plaza I & II is located on the lobby level.